ELKHO GROUP specializes in consulting, research and selection of highly qualified professionals in France and worldwide. Our team of experienced consultants analyses and understands the clients’ needs and ensures that their demands are met.

Our reputation is based on the efficiency of our research and its application for all directors and human resources departments.

Our varied research strategy “direct approaches, permanently maintained database, recommendations, personal contacts…” has proven its efficiency and helps us locating and setting up teams of talented individuals in every industry, making sure their experience and skill-sets match employers’ demands

ELKHO GROUP combines international experience with objective prospects to allow its clients to be one step ahead.  We closely collaborate with our clients and develop long term relationships to find and set up personalized solutions for all needs.

We apply various processes and use different tools including psychometric tests, structured interviews based on behavioural and situational techniques as well as  comparative analysis.


Here is a brief outline of our fields of expertise in recruitment:

  • Understanding and addressing our clients’ needs
  • Strategy consulting for sustainable development
  • Salary information and advice
  • Recruitment of beginners, seniors and Chief Executive Officers
  • Hiring temporary senior executives.
  • Reducing turnovers and retaining staff
  • Internal skill assessment
  • Human Resources strategy advice
  • Evaluation of skills

Here is an overview of our most frequently filled positions

  • Director of Finance & Administration
  • Managing Director
  • Senior Financial Advisor
  • Branch Manager
  • Regional Director
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resources global Manager
  • Senior Private Banker
  • Wealth Planner
  • Familly Officier
  • Team of Private Bank
  • Heritage Manager

ELKHO GROUP keeps up to date new missions and offers. Visit our “News” and “Job Offers” regularly to stay informed.

To facilitate a global recruitment process, ELKHO GROUP offers customized communication services to fulfill client demands: strategic help in marketing and advertising to help companies and organisations find top qualified professionals. We are your ideal support locally and globally in fields such as publicity and research. Our range of communication services include research, purchase of specific tools, presentation and strategic evaluation of results of each advertising campaign.

You want to restructure, recruit, improve and energize your staff and results, ELKHO GROUP will help you throughout your Human Resources missions.

“Things do not change, we change things.”
Henry Thoreau